S.G. Gaido, Founder of Gaido’s

San Giacinto Gaido first opened his doors to the beach-going public in 1911. The same year air conditioning was invented, the Gulf was teeming with a bounty of fresh seafood. From that day forward, Gaido’s popularity as the freshest fish house on the Gulf grew from S.G. Gaido’s unwavering commitment to serve only the best.

Today, we still peel our Gulf shrimp, shuck our Galveston bay oysters and fillet our fresh fish, by hand, the same way SG did more than 100 years ago. Because the Gaido’s family has always remained passionate about food with our focus on taste. Our unique sauces, seasonings, salad dressings and delicious desserts are all house-made from time-tested family recipes. And over the decades, we blended in traditional southern deep-frying, Southwest open-flame grilling and rich Creole flavors. By infusing these wonderful surrounding cultures, Gaido’s creates a menu and an experience unlike any other perched on the seawall.

Of course we’ve had our share of presidents, entertainers, athletes, even Alfred Hitchcock enjoy dinners here. But just as important have been the thousands of birthday, anniversary and retirement parties who choose to return year after year. Being woven into so many families’ annual traditions is a Gaido’s tradition we are very proud of.

Our tables are always set, our service is always personal, and our ingredients are always the freshest…which is why our famous island kitchen truly is The Coastal Classic.